Do you work in a
hotel or restaurant
and want to take off your career?

Get your Hotel Administration diploma at Akademia College!
Fill in your details now and take advantage of the reduced tuition fees.
Why choose the Hotel Administration Diploma of Akademia college?
Learn from the best professionals in the field
Develop your abilities and skills with renowned teachers from existing hotel and business units.

Learn about new systems and methods
Take advantage of new trends in the field of hospitality such as modern technologies.
Become a certified professional
Get higher positions with the recognition of your diploma.


This Diploma is for you!
If you work in a hotel, cafe, restaurant or other catering area and want to learn more about your field and advance, the Diploma is what you are looking for!

Important Advantages:
  • 1
    Study and work at the same time
    Our Diploma is specially designed for employees. You can work and be a student at the same time, balancing both.
  • 2
    Take advantage of Student Scholarship and affordable tuition fees!
    The tuition fees for the Diploma in Hospitality, which will immediately secure you a job and professional advancement, amounts to only €3,700 per year and with the possibility of state scholarship from €2,500-3,400.
  • 3
    Travel with the Erasmus+ Pro mobility
    Live new experiences traveling abroad and work together with renowned professionals and businesses!
  • 4
    Catch up on the Scholarships
    Get scholarships that can cover both academic years.
  • 5
    Take advantage of the Career Counseling Department
    Make the right decisions through the Career Office, during your studies and after your graduation.
  • 6
    Obtained a Diploma from the 1st Certified Higher Education Institution in Ammochostos
    The Diploma you obtain is certified and recognized by the Cyprus Agency for Quality Assurance and Accredited in Higher Education and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth of Cyprus.
Fill in your details now and take advantage of the reduced tuition fees.