100% Subsidized Seminar

Hotels equity
in the workplace

TUESDAY 20 - WEDNESDAY 21 February 2024
Rodon Mount Hotel & Resort - Agros
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Hotels, Developing and Managing Equity in the Workplace
This programme will help managers and senior colleagues to create and manage equity in the hotel workplace. Strategies for equity are increasingly recognized as a vital requirement for improvements in a competitive human resource management of hotels.

Equity in the hotel workplace is an essential requirement for contributing to high levels of employee satisfaction, high levels of employee engagement and low levels of staff turnover, through its emphasis on treating all employees fairly, and providing them with equal opportunities.

Target Group of Participants
• Hotel owners
• General Managers
• Managers of all hotel departments

• Develop strategies to manage equity effectively among individuals and teams in hotels, to gain maximum productivity, performance, innovative workplace ideas and suggestions, through demonstrating fairness and equal access to opportunities for all employees

• Explain how the traits of an equitable manager can be effective in developing and sustaining equity in the workplace of a hotel.

• Develop human resource for recruitment and selection which show that the principles of equity are being adopted and applied in all aspects of the recruitment and selection process.

Program Leader
The program leader Gordon C Anderson has substantial international experience of management consulting and training gained in the UK, the Middle East and South-East Asia, as well as in Cyprus.
He has conducted many seminars for hotels and restaurants in Cyprus.
Mr. Anderson has published many books and articles in the area of Human Resources.

Seminar Contents
• New approaches to employee engagement
• Improvements in job design based on equity
• Integrative onboarding
• Equity in staff incentives
• Effective use of new training and of other management tools, including coaching and mentoring
• Inequity - strategies and policies to combat problems of unfairness in the workplace

Free Company Visit (4 hours)
At the end of the seminar, a free visit will be held after consultation with each company separately. The main objective of the visit is to assist each company in effectively applying the knowledge gained from the seminar by developing and managing equity in the workplace.

Complimentary Accommodation & Meals
Free accommodation (double room) with breakfast included; and lunches during the seminar are offered to each participant (there is no charge for the second person sharing the room).

Subsidized by the HRDA
The seminar as Vital Importance is 100% funded by the HRDA.

A Certificate will be awarded to the Company and the Participants

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