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Utilising Diversity & Inclusion
in Hotels

Rodon Mount Hotel & Resort - Agros
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Diversity & Inclusion in Hotels
Diversity and Inclusion are very modern topics for a seminar, although these ideas have been around for a long time. Hotels, as we know, are a central part of the economy of Cyprus, both because they play an important role in Cyprus for Cypriots and others, and also because they make an important contribution to the tourism industry.

This seminar is about good leadership, good management, and good team working - all important subjects for hotels.

The goals of leadership, management & team working must always be to help hotels to be successful.

An awareness and understanding of the subjects of diversity and inclusion will help the development of effective leadership, management & team working - and this is what we will provide in this seminar.

How you actually make use of the subjects of diversity and inclusion will be decisions to be made by each hotel, with our guidance.
Target Group of Participants
• Hotel owners
• General Managers
• Managers of all hotel departments
• To describe the concepts of diversity & inclusion.
• To explain the benets to be gained from diversity and from diverse work teams.
• To develop effective human resource strategies and practices for achieving inclusion among members of diverse teams.
• To explain how hotels can create an inclusive organization culture.
• To show how the analysis of teams can be effectively applied in realizing the potential of diversity and inclusion.

Program Leader
The program leader, Gordon C Anderson, is an experienced UK consultant with many years in Cyprus, and substantial experience of working with a wide range of business organizations, both internationally and locally, including many restaurants and hotels in Cyprus.
In Cyprus he collaborates with Akademia College in offering seminars for restaurants and hotels.
Seminar Contents
• Developing a new approach to human resource management in hotels.
• Identifying the opportunities and benefits from diversity in the workplace.
• Developing inclusion strategies to manage diversity effectively.
• Creating a culture of inclusion.
• Building high performing, diverse & inclusive teams in hotels.
• Human resource strategies to support high performing teams.
• Case studies.

Free Company Visit
After the 2-day seminar the trainer will conduct a free 4-hour visit with each company separately. The main objective of the company visits is for the trainer to assist each company in effectively applying the knowledge gained from the seminar by prioritizing key areas and developing its strategy to utilizing diversity and inclusion in hotels.
Complimentary Accommodation & Meals
Free accommodation (double room) with breakfast included; and lunches during the seminar are offered to each participant (there is no charge for the second person sharing the room).
Subsidized by the HRDA
The seminar as Vital Importance is 100% funded by the HRDA.
A Certificate will be awarded to the Company and the Participants
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