100% Subsidized Seminar

Sustainable Tourism Management in Hotels

TUESDAY 14 - WEDNESDAY 15 March 2023
Rodon Mount Hotel & Resort - Agros

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Sustainable Tourism Management in Hotels
This program is aimed at helping hotels to improve and strengthen their competitive positions in all markets, local and international, through focusing on sustainable tourism.
Hotels in Cyprus must address the present issues about lack of competitiveness, and the fact that price levels in Cyprus are higher than in a number of competitor nations in the East Mediterranean area.
To prepare for the ambitious challenges of the future, recognizing the intense competition in international tourism, focusing on sustainable tourism will give hotels and other organizations in the tourism industry in Cyprus a source of competitive advantage.
Target Group of Participants
• Hotel owners
• General Managers
• Managers of all hotel departments
• Develop competitive advantages for hotels relating to sustainability and to sustainable tourism, to
strengthen its competitiveness.
• Hotels will create innovative ways of implementing its strategies, plans and practices for sustainable tourism.
• For each hotel, to develop its own Vision and set of values, including C.S.R (Corporate Social Responsibility) to create its distinctiveness and individuality, differentiating it from the competition, in offering sustainable tourism.
• To develop strategies related to sustainable tourism to attract greater numbers of "high quality" tourist guests, with substantially higher spending powers than in the past.

Program Leader
The program leader, Gordon C Anderson, is an experienced UK consultant with many years in Cyprus, and substantial experience of working with a wide range of business organizations, both internationally and locally, including many restaurants and hotels in Cyprus.
In Cyprus he collaborates with Akademia College in offering seminars for restaurants and hotels.
Seminar Contents
• The Changing Competitive Environment of Cyprus Tourism & the Challenges Facing Hotels in Developing Sustainable Tourism Hotels, the Benefits to be Gained from Sustainable Tourism
• Creating the Product for Sustainable Tourism
• Preparation of the Marketing & Promotion Plan & Strategy for Sustainable Tourism in each Hotel
• Introducing C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a Source of Innovation & Change to Support Sustainable Tourism
• Developing C.S.R. (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a key contributor to Sustainable Tourism
• Case studies & case illustrations from countries and regions which provide positive examples of C.S.R. in Action

Free Company Visit
After the 2-day seminar the trainer will conduct a free 4-hour visit with each company separately. The main objective of the company visits is for the trainer to assist each company in effectively applying the knowledge gained from the seminar by prioritizing key areas and developing its strategy to improve the tourism product which it offers by focusing on sustainable tourism management.
Complimentary Accommodation & Meals
Free accommodation (double room) with breakfast included; and lunches during the seminar are offered to each participant (there is no charge for the second person sharing the room).
Subsidized by the HRDA
The seminar as Vital Importance is 100% funded by the HRDA.
A Certificate will be awarded to the Company and the Participants
TEL: 23 010 023 / 99 680 198
FAX: 23 010 024
EMAIL: training@akc.ac.cy