100% Subsidized Seminar

Restaurant Quality

MONDAY 3 - TUESDAY 4 October 2022
Rodon Mount Hotel & Resort - Agros
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Restaurants, Focusing on Quality & Quality Innovation Improvement
to Enhance Cyprus Tourism
Tourism is the key industry which will contribute to the future economic development of Cyprus, and restaurants are a central component of the tourism industry.
The aim of this program is to encourage and assist restaurants in achieving high and consistent quality standards in everything they do. The best strategies for restaurants, and for other organisations in the hospitality and tourism industries to succeed are to offer excellent value for money to all customers as the means of encouraging greater numbers of customers, including tourists, to use their services and facilities.
A key challenge therefore for all restaurants in Cyprus is to ensure the expectations of customers coincide with the offered service quality, as a central strategy in increasing competitive ability, and obtaining higher numbers of loyal customers. The achievement of high quality by restaurants will help in retaining existing customers and attracting new customers.
Target Group of Participants
• Restaurants Owners
• Restaurants Managers
• Chefs
• Managers of all departments in different types of catering establishments
• Understand the importance of developing a strong, positive image for Cyprus gastronomy and Cyprus restaurants, and how this can be done.
• Define and implement the strategies, policies and practices required for creating excellent levels of customer service and hospitality which will meet or exceed the expectations of guests.
• Develop a comprehensive Action Plan, addressing all the aims and objectives, to enable each restaurant to prepare and implement its strategy and plan for quality and quality improvement in all aspects of its operations.

Program Leader
The program leader, Gordon C Anderson, is an experienced UK consultant with many years in Cyprus, and substantial experience of working with a wide range of business organizations, both internationally and locally, including many restaurants and hotels in Cyprus.
In Cyprus he collaborates with Akademia College in offering seminars for restaurants and hotels.
Seminar Contents
• Changing Customer Perceptions & Quality Challenges for Restaurants.
• Creating a Philosophy of Quality in Restaurants.
• Creating Gastronomy as a Strength of Cyprus Tourism.
• Developing a High Quality Brand Image for Cypriot Gastronomy.
• Controlling and Auditing Quality in Restaurants.
• How to Develop Service Quality & Hospitality to Meet or Exceed Customer Expectations.
• Applying Sustainability Principles & Practices in Achieving High Quality Standards in all Aspects of Restaurant Operations.

Free Company Visit
After the 2-day seminar the trainer will conduct a free 4-hour visit with each company separately. The main objective of the company visits is for the trainer to assist each company in effectively applying the knowledge gained from the seminar by prioritizing key areas and developing its strategy to improve the tourism product which it offers by focusing on quality and quality innovations.
Complimentary Accommodation & Meals
Free accommodation (double room) with breakfast included; and lunches during the seminar are offered to each participant (there is no charge for the second person sharing the room).
Subsidized by the HRDA
The seminar as Vital Importance is 100% funded by the HRDA.
A Certificate will be awarded to the Company and the Participants
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FAX: 23 010 024
EMAIL: training@akc.ac.cy